Rex Grossman Out, Brian Griese In!

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If you ask me it’s about time!. How many times does Rex need to NOT prove himself as a starting QB. Its time to give the Chicago Bears defense a rest and the same said to Rex Grossman. Brian Griese, it’s your time to shine…again. Don’t be in the shadow of your father. Here is the link to the story…Rex Grossman Out!


Halo 3 Game Trailers

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What a great game with great hype. And it definitely lives up to the punch. Here are some lengthy clips of the video game which released yesterday. Halo 3

“OJ Simpson Free…” video

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OJ Simpson set free huh??? Gee I wonder what he is going to do next? Murder, robbery, maybe a sex video comes next. All I can say in NEXT! Here is the OJ Free video.

Britney Spears VMA Performance Video

•September 24, 2007 • 1 Comment

Wow, I knew the performance was bad, but to me this was just awful. She moved very slow and off beat, and someone needs to get her lip sync-hing lessons. Anyway, here is Britneys video.

Cancer Research Hope!

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I found a great video on latest research development on cancer research. It definitely gives us all a breathe of fresh air! Here is the link to the Health and Fitness site.

Student Tasered At John Kerry Event Video!

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I can’t believe they tasered this kid over nothing. Anyway, here is the link to the video. (Student Tasered). And John Kerry.

Britney Spears Uses Drugs?

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Why am I not surprised about this. Britney’s ex-bodyguard speaks out about her alleged drug use.

Britney does drugs!